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OMIC-India Branch - Kolkata

Address: Kolkata
Chairman's Office
Tel: 033 - 2226 7123
033 - 2217 2981
Fax: 033 - 2249 9664
Person: Mr. S. Mahalingam (Chairman)
Mr. G. Mahalingam

Address: 17, Chitaranjan Avenue, 4th Floor, Kolkata - 700 072
Tel: 033 - 2225 1778
033 - 2212 8302
Fax: 033 - 2225 2632
Person: Mr. S. C. Sarkar
(Manager Operations)
Mr. Kumar Mukhopadhyay
(Manager Engg.)

This was the first Office to be set up by OMIC in India during the year 1957 and this continues to remain as the Registered Head Office for Indian operations till date.

This Branch was set up with the intention of servicing the requirements of various Japanese iron ore sourcing, steel mills who were exporting these ores from this Port. Once this traditional business petered down and moved to other Ports, this branch has been sustained with PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) covering engineering items, agri products, edible oils, etc.

This branch has specialized in the handling of jute, tea, marine products and oversees additionally various engineering goods inspections that are required in the Eastern sector of India.

The vision for this office is to become the hub for project and engineering inspections for the company in the times to come.

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IFIA International Federation of Inspection Agencies Ltd.SEA Solvent Extractors AssociationGAFTA Grain and Feed Trade AssociationSOPA Soybean Processors Association of India
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